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really Bad Service, i am waiting for my items delivery since 5 days or more, and it is only a 15 minutes delivery distance. every time i call they ask me the same questions, they took my address over 10 times and my phone number like 15 times and still they ask for it whenever i call, they also kept me on hold for like 15 minutes or more in order for the customer service to check with the delivery service, i can never see a bad customer... Read more

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Worst service, they don't know how to respond to customers. I sent a parcel from USA to India, it has been a week from the delivery date but still it isn't even sent to the address. The parcel came to the office and it is still in the office, i had to send someone to collect it from office and they are like there is no aramex office in the place where it has to be delivered. They to inform it earlier, such a worst experience i had. Read more

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The parcel will not come directly to your home if it was sent through ARAMEX. I bought an engineering text book from India and it was supposed to be delivered to Bangladesh. Although it was shipped through express service, after 11 long days I got some paper from them telling me to contact Aramex office to collect my book. When I called them, they said I need to pay them 2000 taka (about US$25) plus any custom duty, then they will deliver the... Read more

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I have placed order at yesterday of 4 items which are 0.4 KG in total. Amazon assured me that they will process the items in a single package and of course they didn't, instead they have divided 4 items into 3 packages. And I couldn't get any results at all by contacting customer services. And their answer was rather funny: they said that the items should be from the same fulfillment center but does not share the... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 03
  • #893619

terrible terrible exprience,omg never again

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I ordered with aramex and paid for express shipping and it was majorly delayed so I called and asked to collect from them instead of waiting any longer for the parcel to get to me. So I called and got someone to put the parcel aside for me bc I needed it by a certain day, so I drive an hour and a half to get the parcel and they tell me they've shipped it and I can't get it until whenever it arrives. Wasn't happy. Read more

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I shipped a parcel from Amman to London. Shipment arrived in London (Aramex operations facility) on the 22nd of July. Today is the 28th and they shipment hasn't been delivered to an address in zone 1 in London. I called customer care in Jordan a number of times. They are pleasant to talk to but are not very helpful. They would promise to call back but they never do. The consignee ended up calling the operations facility in London to find out why... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 10
  • #880013

Rude delivery boy and impatience. Behavior is very poor

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After using their online system to communicate about an issue the item disappeared in the system and I was informed that my products had been destroyed ($200 value) as they had no communication received. Response: "We are sorry to hear that you have not received a response to our online system. This requested however was not sent to JFK, this was generated to receive a response from our team in BNK. Our policy does state that if we do not have... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 04
  • #876510

Poor service. No one even picking the phone. I have called at least 10 times. Pity aramex

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