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  • From mobile
  • 21 hours ago
  • #927610

Very very bad customer service with major delays. I have been waiting for my parcel for last 3 days, and everytime I call them they tell me its with fastway couriers and fastway tells me its with Aramex. No teack. And finally came to know its with Toll. Still working with Toll to teack my parcel. God knows if I will get it by Monday...

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Aramex Shop&Ship Dubai service has got to have the worst staff in history! On my last shipment, i was overbilled by Aramex through over inflating the weight of the package and therefore hiking up the shipping rate. Once the package was received and still in actual shipping condition, i have placed it on a home digital scale and for my surprise, the actual weight was 1/3 of the billed weight. Since i have already paid the money through the online... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 20
  • #922312

That's what Aramex did to my $2300 laptop which I was sending for a warranty claim. What is bad also is that they don't admit that it was damaged by them.

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aramex dubai is one of the worst when it comes for delivery !! a text message was sent at 8am confirming the delivery on the same day, and based on customer service advise, the delivery is from 8am to 7pm coordination is unavailable with coriers since they don't pick up their phones!!! the house holders were put in a position of not leaving the house since the shipment was important for an upcoming event!! after a multiple unsuccessful phone... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 08
  • #914986

The best courier company ever... Thank you Tania Sampson.... . Aramex Capetown... For the excellent service

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The worst experience with a courier company ever!. Basic tracking update, NO delivery on specified date, NO calls, NO after hour service, NO one to help, Automated phone answering service faulty. They HOPE to deliver 24 hours late. Shipment was an easy local delivery, no complications no issues. just bad / non existing service, dont care attitude of staff. Fix or close down in South Africa. WORST courier experience ever. WB 400 62862125 Please... Read more

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really Bad Service, i am waiting for my items delivery since 5 days or more, and it is only a 15 minutes delivery distance. every time i call they ask me the same questions, they took my address over 10 times and my phone number like 15 times and still they ask for it whenever i call, they also kept me on hold for like 15 minutes or more in order for the customer service to check with the delivery service, i can never see a bad customer... Read more

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Worst service, they don't know how to respond to customers. I sent a parcel from USA to India, it has been a week from the delivery date but still it isn't even sent to the address. The parcel came to the office and it is still in the office, i had to send someone to collect it from office and they are like there is no aramex office in the place where it has to be delivered. They to inform it earlier, such a worst experience i had. Read more

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The parcel will not come directly to your home if it was sent through ARAMEX. I bought an engineering text book from India and it was supposed to be delivered to Bangladesh. Although it was shipped through express service, after 11 long days I got some paper from them telling me to contact Aramex office to collect my book. When I called them, they said I need to pay them 2000 taka (about US$25) plus any custom duty, then they will deliver the... Read more

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I have placed order at yesterday of 4 items which are 0.4 KG in total. Amazon assured me that they will process the items in a single package and of course they didn't, instead they have divided 4 items into 3 packages. And I couldn't get any results at all by contacting customer services. And their answer was rather funny: they said that the items should be from the same fulfillment center but does not share the... Read more

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