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My story is a little different because I didn't use aramex for shipping at all. I had an online retail account hacked.

I received an email saying that my email address was updated which is what tipped me off to my account being hacked. After spending an hour on the phone getting access to my account, I realized a purchase had been made for $179.00 using a card that was stored in my account information. I could also see where this purchase was being shipped to. The address was for aramex in new york city.

So someone from their company hacked into one of my accounts and was trying to have merchandise shipped to them.

Do not trust this company and do not use them for anything. They are clearly untrustworthy.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Dear Sir,

Thank you for bringing this incident to our notice. We request you to furnish us more details of the incident to allow us investigate into the case.

Thank you,

ARAMEX team.

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