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Lost my Labour ID card of Dubai in Courier

Dear Sir,

I sent one Envelope via "ARAMEX COURIERS" (Docket No. 3162699971, Pick Up agency : Balaji Courier & Cargo, C-19, Main Road, Masoodpur, Vasant Kunj, Delhi-70) on dated 21/07/2009 to Dubai(UAE), In that Envelope I putted my Labour ID card issued by Government of Dubai on behalf of my company(Work Permit No.38302925), that Card I sent back in my company for my Visa cancellation.

When the courier received by in Dubai Office, they told that when the opened Aramex Polythene, the envelope was totally empty, there is nothing inside it, even that envelope is already opened by someone before delivering, and that opened space is enough to took that "LABOUR CARD" out from that

Its really a very much serious thing, If I not submit my card on time, so my visa will not get cancel and i will not be able to get the new visa from dubai, and i will surely loose my New assignments in Middle east, A small mistake from ARAMEX side is able to waste my whole professional career, and also if that labour card is took out by some wrong persons, so they can misuse the card in various ways, and all responsibility is only by "ARAMEX COURIERS"

After that, I sent several mails to customer support team/Courier Pick Up Agency/Top Management to ARAMEX in Dubai and Delhi, but they are even not bother to reply on my mail.They are just passing the things internally, and not responding to me, that mails even I marked to CEO level person in ARAMEX, but they also not bother to reply me and not take any single step to sort out my sitution.

I am really in great trouble, As i am not able to get my old visa cancel, and will not be eligible to apply for a new visa in Dubai, All that of because I choose ARAMEX for couriering my ID Card, and I advise every customer, Kindly think twice to send their couriers via ARAMEX Couriers, As you well understand that how they are treating their customers and even the Top Management are also not bothering for any complain, So we can, t expect any thing from the Middle/Lower level management of ARAMEX

Kindly try to sort out my issue and feedback are most welcome,


Atul Nagpal

+91 9910288404

E-mail :

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