Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
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I have booked a return collection for Monday, but everyday I am told it will definitely be collected by 6:30. After waiting till 7:00 nobody comes up and when I call their helpline there is nobody to answer.

There is no ETA followed in this company a Monday (5/8/2013) collection is now become Thursday (8/8/2013) collection and I seriously doubt if there will be anybody to collect it tomorrow.

It is become more and more frustrating everyday.

The worst part is there is no escalation mechanism, only a helpline that operates only from 9:00 to 6:00.

Its the worst service I have ever seen.



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Aramex India hold my package for 21 days without informing seller or buyer.

- eBay sellers Please don't use aramex. It will destroy your reputation, feedbacks and business.

My experience as a Buyer with aramex:

How corrupted a global Indian company can be?

Look no further than eBay.in.

It seems eBay India is run by it's delivery company called Aramex.

Aramex decides which package to deliver, which package to delay for weeks or even which package not to deliver. Their lies and blames had make many buyers angry towards ebay india.

I think it's time for top level eBay India officers and executives to look deep in to these problems with aramex before aramex can destroy their reputation and business.

aramex has already destroyed relations between many sellers and buyers.


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