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I shipped a package via Amazon to my son deployed in Afghanastan. The package was accidentally shipped to United Arab Emerates and is currently being detained at customs in Dubai waiting further delivery instructions.

I have tried every day for almost 2 weeks to contact someone as to this matter. I have sent numerous emails to Aramex with no reply. I have called the New York office almost daily and constantly get a voice mail asking for my name and number and they will return my call. That never happens.

I have also called the Dubai number and got a long spill I couldn't understand and then they hung up on me. This is so frustrating! If I need to pay more to get the package delivered, that is fine. Can the package not be just returned to sender?

Since no one will contact me and I am unable to talk to an actual person when I call, I have no idea what to do. If I have the choice, I will never use this service again and will make sure others know how they handle customer service. The package tracking number is 3834728284 shipped to SSG. Hill, William E.

I am beginning to think this package is going to be a loss!

Cindy Osen. Phone number (435)790-9799

Product or Service Mentioned: Aramex Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Our package that was shipped to Ireland got detained at customs in UK for some reason -- and today we were told that the package was destroyed! I advise no one to use Aramex, avoid at all costs! You will waste your money, time, and goods with them.


Aramex India hold my package for 21 days without informing seller or buyer.

- eBay sellers Please don't use aramex. It will destroy your reputation, feedbacks and business.

My experience as a Buyer with aramex:

How corrupted a global Indian company can be?

Look no further than

It seems eBay India is run by it's delivery company called Aramex.

Aramex decides which package to deliver, which package to delay for weeks or even which package not to deliver. Their lies and blames had make many buyers angry towards ebay india.

I think it's time for top level eBay India officers and executives to look deep in to these problems with aramex before aramex can destroy their reputation and business.

aramex has already destroyed relations between many sellers and buyers.

Arthur :( :( :roll :roll :grin :grin

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